City Trip: Amsterdam

Back in February I posted a poll on my Canon Classics Facebook and Instagram pages on what lens to shoot my Canon EF with. Most of you picked the FD 35mm f/2.0 S.S.C. (concave). I finally got to shoot with this setup loaded with some Ilford FP4. Also took two extra rolls of Kodak Gold 200 (12 exp). 

I couldn't leave the house without some digital gear; the Sony A7RII + FD adapter. No AF lenses this time. Took the nFD 20-35 f/3.5L, nFD 50/1.4 and nFD 85/1.8.

I hadn't shot a film SLR in a while and wasn't expecting to shoot 36 shots this quick and easy. That Canon EF viewfinder is sooooo good. It invites you to take shots. I took 180 shots with the Sony and 48 with the Canon EF. I was expecting a different ratio between digital and film.

While editing the digital shots I felt I was missing some amazing shots I took. Where did they go? Film. They're on film. Hopefully :)

Still have to get the rolls developed, but here are the digital shots.

Dam Square - shot with nFD 20-35 f/3.5L

"Solid Gold" - nFD 50/1.4

Raadhuisstraat shot from Herengracht

Beautiful curved building on the Raadhuisstraat. You can see the Westerkerk in the back. 

Prinsengracht 263 - The Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House

My first time seeing the Anne Frank House. It was high on my list for this trip to at least see it from outside. There isn't much to see on the outside, but knowing the story of Anne and others in hiding during WWII took me some time to move on. 

Prinsengracht looking into Bloemgracht

Some beautiful buildings along the canals. I wonder what she's doing.

Keizersgracht, random people - nFD 85/1.8

Most bikes are either found at Central Station or on any random bridge. I hung around some bridges for a while to get some shots. Still pretty new to street photography. It's not as easy as it looks.

nFD 85/1.8

Same bridge. One of the coolest guys I've seen that day.

Westerkerk on Prinsengracht - Renaissance-era Protestant church where Rembrandt is buried - nFD 85/1.8

nFD 85/1.8

"Strangers kissing"

Different bridge, waiting for the perfect moment. I missed the shot I wanted. But this might be the start of a new series: "Strangers Kissing".

Prinsengracht - Berensluis - nFD 85/1.8

Took a lot of shots at this place. A lot of seemingly amazing shots just didn't work out. Sometimes I was just too late. I do love the shot above. Her hair and bag complement eachother perfectly.

Rembrandt Square - Girl with Iron Man tattoo - nFD 85/1.8

Rembrandt Square - Girl with Iron Man tattoo - nFD 85/1.8

Took a walk to Rembrandt Square. I just sat there for 30 minutes. This girl with a huge Iron Man tattoo caught my eye.

Muntplein, widest bridge of Amsterdam - nFD 85/1.8

"Analog Tourist" - Muntplein looking towards Rokin - nFD 85/1.8

Rokin - nFD 85/1.8

Rokin - nFD 20-35/3.5L

Rokin - nFD 20-35/3.5L

Dam Square - nFD 20-35/3.5L

Back at Dam Square. Shot more of the Ilford film here and also shot 12 exposures of Kodak Gold 200.

The National Monument on Dam Square - nFD 20-35/3.5L

Thanks for reading my blog. The Ilford/Kodak Gold scans will be up soon!

If you have any questions, let me know!