Playing with matches

I thought it was time to do some new macro shots. Using the setup pictured below, I could get a magnification of 3.5:1. In the end a bit too much for what I wanted. I swapped out the great Canon A-1 for my Sony A7RII and changed the nFD 50mm to a FD 100mm Macro lens.

The image below shows how extremely close you can get with the Canon Auto Bellows. This crop shows about 2x2mm of a flower anther. You can clearly see all the pollen.

But, that is way too close-up for what I wanted to do. So I 'zoomed' out a bit and started playing with some matches.

I probably could get the same images without the bellows and just using the macro lens alone. But the rail-system made it 100 times easier to nail the focus.

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