2016 in photos

I wanted to do a 'Best of', but that would make for a short post. I would like to see the past year more of a photo journey. Without getting too philosophical, not all photos are 'the best' but do tell a story or are part of a memorable moment. 

The first two images are from March. Couldn't find any images from Januari and Februari.

Misty March

I just visited a friend, had some drinks, ready to go get some sleep. It was 2 AM, but the mist was too good to skip. Grabbed my camera and head outside. Took about 120 images in 30 minutes, these are the morst interesting two. 

Easter brunch

I had a really great brunch, as every year, with family and friends.

April Forest

You can find me in the forest multiple times a year. I love the quietness. Just me and my camera. I did get some nice conversations with people I met in the forest, though.


For a few weeks every year all the flower fields are in bloom here in Holland. Since I drive past them every day to work I can pick the perfect day to take photos. The shot below is one of my absolute favorites of 2016. 

May bikeride

Took my camera with me on a bike ride. I was expecting an overcast day, but got some awesome clouds instead.

June - Fujifilm X10

I was looking for an 'always with me'-camera for cheaps. I love what Fuji does, so to keep the story short; I got the (old) Fujifilm X10.

Reed more about this camera here: Fujifilm Finepix X10

June - Airshow

Not sure why, but I skipped to write something about the airshow. I'll post some more info and photos soon.

August - Amsterdam

I took a trip to Amsterdam in August. It's only 45 minutes by train, making me wonder why I haven't done this sooner. It's been too long since I've visited our nation's capital city. I will be visiting Amsterdam a lot more this year!

Read more about this trip here: Trip to Amsterdam

August - Trip to Berlin

It was my father's 70th birthday last year. Since he already has everything he needs, I thought a trip with the family was a perfect gift. With the four of us, just like the old days. We decided Berlin would be the perfect place to go.

Read all about the Berlin trip here: Trip to Berlin


Skipping to november. I did some studio product shots.

December - Forest

As I said before; You'll find me in the forest a lot. It was a cold morning with some mist. Perfect conditions for some shots.

December - Splash

Every now and then I'll do some splash photography. It was a lot of fun, but it didn't produce many great shots.

December - Smoke

The best shots of 2016 are from a shoot I did the last week of the year. I really love these shots!

That's it. 2016. Done. 

What's in store for 2017? I've got a lot of ideas for this year. More on that soon!

Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment.